I’m Ashley. I’m a photographer by day, a cartoon character by night, and a travel junkie by heart. I live in Delaware, a state that everyone thinks is part of Pennsylvania. Everyone knows each other in Delaware. Within three handshakes you’re someone’s eskimo brother. No one leaves Delaware. They’re all happily stuck in their tax-free doldrums, blissfully gorging their Wawa hoagies. Day after day. Year after year.

I have bad anxiety. Dirty dishes give me anxiety. Thinking I’m too unproductive gives me anxiety. The thought that I could become a Delaware-lifer practically has me breathing into a paper bag.

So, how do I deal ? With absolute shit impulse control of course! Hello, my name is Ashley Andrews …and I’m an airplane-oholic.

Bye Girl Bye

Welcome to the adventures & misadventures of a solo female traveler. Detailed itineraries, fresh discoveries, photo recaps, and all the storytime so you can live vicariously thru my journals as I weasel my way across the world.